Saturday, January 3, 2009

We have arrived!

Susan and I are settled in and susan is totally in love with Belize. I think she likes the laid back atmosphere. I began seeing old friends from the moment we landed in Belize City. One man on the Maya Island plane to the island said he was wondering if I was the mayor or something. Actually some of the people were folks I had just met. Vincent was there though and he said to tell everyone hi! I have seen Biggs, Tevin, Johnson, Butch, Sagrai, Jean Paul, Eden, Patojo, Maurie, and the waiters at The Reef. I tried to see Sabrina but she was sleeping. Martin and Clarise are living together. Butch is changing jobs again. Sagrai is back at the Tides. Biggs is running these little boats that you can drive yourself (like in CANCUN) to the rivers on the north and south end of the island for nature tours. He is on the dock out from Fidos. Everyone here has asked about everyone at home. I watched to Cotton bowl at Wet Willy's as it was the closest place to get to and I missed the beginning - but the end was fantastic! The food at the Reef is as good as ever as are the grouper sandwiches at Wet Willy's. I have walked around town and Susan and I are now sore from walking. We are going to church at Sagrai's church - The Living Word - in the morning. Please note - I am home and on the computer at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night! I love and miss you all.


  1. Glad you guys made it in. The Cotton Bowl was great, we really dominated them. The Reef part made me hungry.

  2. oh and I have a blog

  3. i love you mother and i am so happy you are living your dream.