Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a visit to the doctor and more

Last night I had more problems with the sand flea bites. This morning I was sick with taking too much benedryl and still in pain and the bites were huge welps. So i went to the doctor. He said i was very allergic to them and that the bug spray would not do well to keep them off me. He also said that the place between the school and the road was bad as it is sand and salt. I have to not walk across there from about 4 -6 pm. That is when they are at their worst. I got a cortisone shot and pills (great - me on steriods - i warned susan.). I also got presription cream that I can't put on and go into the sun. Now that is problematic around here. So I am waiting for bedtime to put it on. I feel a little better but they still hurt and itch. I counted the bites on one leg and got to a hundred and quit counting. The good news is that I might after this develop anitbodies and be immune - might. Not taking any chances on that. The doctor was great and all the above was $45. Can't beat that.

So - I have a phone! my number to call me is 001-501-665-0718. You can call me and it won't cost me any minutes. I also have text messages that you can use. They cost me but not much.
If I call it costs me 70 cents a minute during the day and 55 cents a minute a night. Much better than $2.29 a minute!

I went to the school. Much activity. We now have a caseload of six new children and families. It will probably double by tomorrow. They have figured out that we are here. I love the work though. When I was walking home I thought of pinnochio I a real boy? I was thinking - am I a real social worker? I sure felt like one today. I know susan did too! One mom asked me what she owed me for talking with her about her daughter. I said nothing and she just relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. I asked her "did I help you?" and she said "oh yes, I feel much better." Of course, the counseling session was in Spanish - I had an interpreter but I am getting better about at least hearing the Spanish.

I am going to sign off and was very hot today and not much breeze. Guess you might not want to hear that. Not complaining! Love you all!


  1. it is dropping here. highs in the 20s. I tried to call you tonight but it seems I will have to get a phone card to do that.

    I hate that you have had this happen. It will develop a better antibody for you from now on though. You guys are doing great work and I sure wish we were there.

  2. Sand fleas in Belize is better than frostbite in MS (or KY)!!!

  3. Hey. Keep the updates up and keep doing good things. Quit itching. Miss you.

  4. mom i'm so sorry about your bites. i know that has to be frustrating. i hope you get to feeling better. i wrote down your number and will be trying to call you asap.

    things are going great here. slowly moving things into graflin's and i'm happier than ever. tell everyone i miss them.

    oh and tell them "i love it!!"