Saturday, January 10, 2009


I actually cooked this morning. I made breakfast burritos with fresh eggs and fresh tortillas. I have learned to ask for orange juice at the vegetable and fruit stand behind my home and the guy disappears and then comes back with fresh squeezed orange juice. Yesterday, I asked for a pineapple and he said "those not for you - I get you a better one". I guess they like me. I am so happy. We are going to get a golf cart and explore the island today.

Susan cooked with the girls last night. They made the best pineapple chicken, coconut rice (B. showed us how to buy the powdered coconut milk that is cheaper to put in the rice and how to wash the rice correctly to get all the dirt off - she also showed us how to wipe the chicken down with lime to get rid of the rancid - or yeah and she asked me if I wanted to cook the feet that were on our chicken that we bought!) I said said no. We also had bread pudding. I thought we had all kinds of food left (especially the pudding...I came in and susan had packed it all up to send with the kids). No midnight snack for me. Guess that is good - my clothes are getting a little loose.

I do miss you all and wish you were here. Love, Kim


  1. Great ! Good food and loose clothes! It's fun reading what you two are doing! Keep the blog up. Love Lori

  2. i wish i was there and we were eating breakfast together. although i would want your pancakes and sausages!! yummy. i sure miss them. i am very glad that you are happy and LIVING. you're FEELIN it woman. gotta love it. congratulations on your clothes fitting looser. be proud of yourself. of course they all love you mother. you are the shit!! (oops... can i say shit on your blog?) THE number one mama on this planet.

  3. I must say breakfast was indeed yummy. The orange juice is awesome, and indeed, they got her a much better pineapple. :) I am pretty much the party pooper, Amanda, so I am sure Kim wishes you were here with her. LOL

    Thanks for reading, Lori!

  4. This sounds fun. You'll be happy to know, we started our day out with the dog peeing on us in the bed. Oh what fun that was. Any how, Glad things are getting settled and going now.

  5. I guess it's about time for me to get one of these "blog" things so I can join the family conversations and put my input in on these posts.

    Glad to hear you're doing fine. Ol' miss kim savin' the world one third world country at a time.