Sunday, January 18, 2009

The start of a new week...

I am sitting here thinking aobut the next week. This is totally not what you should do in Belize. Just get up tomorrow and see what the day will bring. I have been doing this - mostly because whatever I have planned seems to get put on the back burner anyway. I want to go throughout the neighborhood and map out the homes and try to tell who is living where and find the preschoolers and babies. I need to follow up on the 20 children from last week. I want to get organized. I need to go find my missing child from Friday if he is not at school tomorrow. Ok - i will stop.

I went to the Holy Cross church service today. The children sang - "this is the day that the Lord has made" sounds even better in Spanish. Then we went to Rendevous restaurant on the north side of the island to a benefit concert by Jill Holly. Just a singer-songwriter that was coming to Belize and decided to do a concert for the school while she was here. It was relaxing and fun. I ate BBQ chicken, slaw, beans and tortillas from the stand by Richies. I love sunday as everyone has bbq chicken for sale - street vendors are the best...did i mention that all that food was $4.50 US?

The sun is shining!!!!!! I actually laid out by the pool for about an hour. I do not even have a tan yet!

Pray for me and the children and the school. Love y'all, Kim


  1. this sounds great. So what groups do you have coming down to provide services.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. I missed being at Living Word--and I sure needed my super spiritual charging by now. I think I am on the mend finally, however, so should be able to get back in the swing of things.

    Mapping out that neighborhood is something I would have loved to have done! Have a great week.

  3. The song is lucille by Kenny Rogers

  4. In a bar in Toledo,across from the depot,
    On a barstool she took off her ring.
    I thought I'd get closer
    So I walked on over.
    I sat down and asked her her name.
    When the drinks finally hit her,
    She said,"I'm no quitter,
    But I finally quit living on dreams.
    I'm hungry for laughter,
    And here ever after
    I'm after whatever the other life brings."

    In the mirror I saw him,
    And I closely watched him.
    I thought how he looked out of place.
    He came to the woman
    Who sat there beside me.
    He had a strange look on his face.
    The big hands were calloused,
    He looked like a mountain,
    For a minute I thought I was dead.
    But he started shaking,
    His big heart was breaking,
    He turned to the woman and said,

    "You picked a fine time to leave me,Lucille
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field.
    I've had some bad times,
    I've lived through some sad times,
    But this time the hurtin' won't heal.
    You picked a fine time to leave me,Lucille.

    After he left us,I ordered more whiskey.
    I thought how she'd made him look small.
    From the lights of the barroom to the rented hotel room
    We walked without talking at all.
    She was a beauty,but when she came to me
    She must have thought I'd lost my mind.
    I couldn't hold her, for the words that he told her
    Kept comin' back time after time.