Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two days of work and still standing...sort of...

We have worked two days at Holy Cross Anglican School. So many great things have happened already. It seems as though every day brings something new and exciting. I am trying to just adjust to being the nurse and the social worker and pr person. The main activity right now is to try to set up a system of keeping up with the children and families with whom I work. Of course there is no system. I was thinking about how my work in child welfare system has prepared me for this work.

I talked with Ms. Laura and Ms. Grace today about how we are having to turn children away - 26 since yeserday. The Belizian govenrment has righfully said we can't take anymore children as we are filled ot capacity. The public school is at capacity (or over) also. This means the 26 children will not be able to go to school. These families cannot afford the private schools so they won't be in school. The parents are so dissapointed when they can't enroll them. It breaks my heart.

I am out of hand sanitizer and vitamins. The children are given chewable child vitamins each day. Many of them only get what they eat at school and the vitamins. I hope a group coming in Friday is bringing me some of both. There are 512 children at this school. We need a lot of hand sanitizer!

Susan and I went to church on sunday at the Living Word church. It is behind airstrip so we took a taxi. We had a great experience. The people were very welcoming and it was a mix of locals and tourists. Sagrai invited us to come and Sabrina and the girls were there. Sabrina and I had time to talk as our taxi did not show back up. It was a two hour service - I am not a Taylor Methodist...(we have an hour limit!) as it goes from 10:45 until about 1:00 p.m. So I had to choose church or BC's BBQ...so no nachos for me!

We went ot Crazy Canuke's last night to hear the Punta Boys and yes, we danced punta - or tried to. We couldn't have been any more silly looking than anyone else. Dennis Wolfe is at Wet Willy's tonight so after we eat Susan's spinach lasagna we are going to go listen for awhile. We have eaten great food at My Secret Deli (stewed chicken, beens, rice, tortilla's, soft cheese); The Reef (Blackened snapper, rice and beans, salad, Lilly's (fish fingers, potatoe salad, coleslaw and fish ceviche) and Wet Willy's grouper sandwich. Making you jealous yet? I guarrantee that we are walking enough to wear it off!

I managed to be attacked by sand flies yesterday. I had bug spray on...who knows...I am hurting and itching and it I have written anything crazy - I am on benedryl and advil to try to survive for the next few days. For all you gringos...these are worse than chiggers - they are officially called "noseeums" I woke up at 2:00 a.m. dreaming that I couldn't find any Benedryl. The only thing that makes them feel better is to stand in the pool. Can't do that constantly so...I am in pain. If you scrath them it makes it worse.

I am going to try to download pictures again. I get frustrated witht he slow internet and give up as downloading them takes forever.

I love and miss everyone in my life! I am where I am sppose to be.


  1. do we need nachos...

    That does sound painful, yet the good side, if you had to have bug pain I would rather be in Belize having it rather than in the states

  2. Kim is an awesome roomie, tour guide, and fellow traveling social worker. She has baptized me by fire already, but I love it.

  3. where are those nachos?!?! try the aloe vera. i'm sure that will help. also, put cold on you when you itch. i've been getting on skype everyday to see if you are online. but, since the slow internet i understand. missing you like crazy. send everyone my love!! <3