Saturday, January 24, 2009

Banana splits...

I took the kids to dandee's for ice cream. they hit me up for banana splits. Ms. Eileen at the ice cream store said -Kim, you really do not have to get them banana splits...but they talked by into it - I told them that they had to be good for a month! Set me back on my cash flow!! Here is the cool thing...I really did not know what I was going to do with them - they just fight with each other all the time and blame each other, etc. I told them my idea for the play since they are all "dramatic". I asked them while we were eating ice cream if they thought of the theme for the play that they are going to write. They said yes - we are going to write about us and how we didn't like each other but how we are getting to be friends now. I asked them who was the best writer...they began to show me who printed the best...they decided to include another troublesome classmate in their group because he can draw and they need someone to help with the scenery. They got together today - saturday - to work on it. Time will tell....we had fun at the ice cream store...oh i left off a part. I was at the soccer game - way across town (I know that isn't far by some standards, but when you are walking it is) at the big soccer field by the DFC. I told the "4" that I would be at Dandee's at 4:30. The soccer game was just about over - 4 p.m. and I look up and the "4" have talked some random tourist couple into taking them to the soccer game in their golf cart. These two people had just got to the island... first time...they didn't have a clue where they were. I walked up and they said "we had to bring them to Miss Kim - just had to meet you..." I just rolled my eyes at the little heathens...then they got the couple to take them back to the ice cream store!

The fundraiser was a success. Lots of people and Mr. Vernon was auctioning shots of some 30 yer old rum or something...had a raffle and cover charge for the concert. Pictures with Jill Holly - yes, we charged for that too! We made some money for the school. Whatever it costs $700 us dollars a day for the feeding program.

By the way...anyone who is coming or has a way to help...we need soccer shoes, shin guards, sponsor for shirts...we only have nine on everything and the shoes do not fit - when we put in subs they have to change shirts, shoes, etc. so we do not have all our players on the field. We are trying to get a girls team together too.

I went to the school today to meet with Ms. Leslie, the director of all the anglican schools in Belize, and the counselor from the other anglican schools on the mainland - there are 20 all together. They want me to come to the mainland to do a workshop - train the trainer type - for teachers re: identification of abuse, neglect and sexual abuse and work with the teachers on how to work with the kids. So I will be doing that in February sometime.

I went to town for awhile. I went to see Marlin's wife and children. I talked with the local residents of Paradise Villas - when asked what they were doing they said "nothing and plan to do more of it!" I took a nap! Then I went to see the Danville, CA group as they are leaving tomorrow. I am going to miss them - they were so much help!!!! Oh an ran in to Biggs and he is changing jobs to work with someone to lead snorkeling and tours - boat is at fido's dock I think. I have not seen Marlin or Butch in a week. I just can't get to where they are - I really should get a bike. Johnson walked me home one day and stayed to talk for awhile.

I am going to start squeezing my own orange juice i guess...everyone thinks I am wasting money buying it...I am also suppose to learn how to make my own flour tortillas. I got some tamales from town for supper. then I made the famous grilled white cheese sandwich for a snack a while ago - susan knows what I am tlaking about...anyone who comes will find out! I think I am going to rest tomorrow. I am going to tr to get to church but I need more sleep right now. There was a politcal rally for the UPD local elections in central park tonight. I could here it! Next week they are having a cool thing - Taste of San Pedro and all the restaurants will have a booth and ou can go around and sample. think I will probably make that one! and jerry jeff walker will be here next his followers are coming in....

They found many kilos of cocaine on the beach by Palapa bar this week. For those of you who do not know - when the columbian ships are about to get caught they throw it overboard and it washes up on the beach. Each manufacturer has it's own "mark" - so if anyone keeps it and tries to sell it - the producers will find them - it is much safer to turn it over to the police - but this does not always happen. therefore we have a cocaine problem.

I hve spent some time in San Perdito - I like that community. Many hard working folks.

Social services has yet to call me back on my sexual abuse case...since thursday. try again on Monday - I left two messages. They have to come from the mainland.

I am going to sleep now...yes ernesto is still around....he went to sleep early as we Kareoked last night until tooo late and then ate hamburgers and hot dogs in central park. this requries talking to everyone and i could barely make it through today. thus the nap and why I am not out on a Saturday night. Ernesto was going to enter a punta dance contest tonight - but didn't make it and no - i was not planning on being the dance partner - he wanted to win. My body does not shake like that!

love and miss y'all


  1. Sounds like a very busy and rewarding time! Glad all is going well and thanks for the update. I miss not hearing what is going on.

  2. That wouldn't be the Marlon who works at Akbol and Butch who works at Coco Loco would it?

  3. Yes, it is the same Butch and Msrlin. That is how I found your blog. They were over for dinner and Marlin got on my laptop and was reading your blog. I told him to tell you who I was and how I began following your blog. Marlin said you are his good friend. Butch has left Coco Locos and he is at Friar Tucks - which is a new bar across from the last Reef Village place. i figure if you are a friend of Marlin's you are a great person. When are you coming to Belize?

  4. What a great time. Sounds like you are moving along well!!