Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am home.

It is so hard to leave Belize. I hope this does not make my friends and family in the U.S. feel bad. I do miss you all when I am there. I just like the life I live there better. I know that sounds like I am contradicting myself and I can't explain it very well. Here - it seems like everyone in my life has other people who are most important to them...spouses, children, friends, relatives...I always feel like I am just a person who is on the fringe of other people's lives and I am not really the most important person to anyone here. It is ok and the people who are important - need to be and I love my friends and family but I feel alone most of the time. I just don't feel like that in Belize...anyway, yes, I am home.

I also like the laid back lifestyle - this pressure here is too much. I have worked 12 hours today and what to show? I always feel like my life has a purpose - daily in Belize.

The last few days in Belize was overwhelming and fantastic. We had a meeting with 90 people from San Mateo and I truly believe we will be building roads in San Mateo - thanks to the Ole Miss students! We will be trying to raise the money for sand and gravel, etc. Anyone out there that wants to be a part of this - donations or labor - please let me know! Get your contacts the info too!

well, at least I am going back to Belize on Feb. 3 - I can hold it together until then!

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