Friday, January 8, 2010

golf cart touring!

This is a hard experience to describe. Touring on golf carts on rain soaked - pot holed - almost a lake in the middle of the road - muddy roads - ask Mary Claire! I think she got splattered! The students saw the north end and the south end and all stopping points in between. they organized a mainland tour with Marlon in which they will see the zoo, go cave tubing, and see a Maya ruin. the downside - we have to get up and be at the boat at 6 am on Sunday morning. This is after going snorkeling and to Caye Caulker on Saturday all day and running a community meeting on Saturday night at 7 p.m. They also have a meet the teacher's dinner at 6 pm on Sunday night.

The students listened to the Area Representative yesterdya morning and asked some very good questions. I sent one student out into the community to see where we would be meeting on Saturday night. The message was - the upstairs of the purple house and "even though there are no lights now - there will be by Saturday night and tell Ms. Kim to stop worrying - we got it covered." The students are doing such a great job of including the families of San Mateo is major planning and organization. I am so impressed by their understanding of working in a culture that is very different from their own and in their community organization skills. They have a newspaper representative involved in their work. The people are amazed that they have the trust of the community members to even show up at a meeting.

The roads just have to be built. No more waiting around for the government. The government does not have the money -so other means must be discovered. The situation is dangerous to so many people and especially the children. The bridges are not safe and the water below is contaminated with who knows what. That is all.

We are in the paper - front page. Going to the store to buy some! I cannot describe the excitement and passion and how contagious it is! My whole mind and body is just alive with the possibilities that the students are creating and I keep wondering what all they are capable of regarding making a difference to the people of San Mateo.

Did I mention?- I am so happy! Of course - relaxation involves football games and to have balance in our lives!


  1. Hey Kim Thanks for the post. I want every one of those students when they get back here. I love to hear the excitment in your voice. Awesome. On another note - dad is having out patient gall bladder surgery on Monday - Mary has it covered. Talke to him a minute ago - he is taking it easy but feeling good. Doesn't know yet what time for surgery - but anticipates morning surgery and home in the afternoon. No worries. All is good. go forth and do good things.. All is well at MDHS = ha! love you lori

  2. i saw the paper-such great pics!i am so happy for you all and so proud of all the great work yall are doing!love u honey!!!