Monday, January 11, 2010

Roads in San Mateo!

2Keep the faith and put away the fear of failure. The community meeting on Saturday night had 23 people!! They were different people that the original 6 that met. It was very cold, rainy and windy but people still came to a meeting that was held underneath a lean-to (outside). The community members agreed that the roads would only be built if they build them. They were all willing to work and decided to create a committee to guide the work. The Belizean people and especially the people of San Mateo are so strong and such hard workers! They were very passionate about wanting the roads and being able to accomplish the work with help in buying the sand, gravel, gas for boats and shovels. They will meet again on Saturday night at 7 p.m. One member is to contact the Area Representative so they can work together on the plan. The materials will be bought directly and the people of the community will do the work. They talked some about where the road could be built.

I went to church in San Mateo on Sunday morning. It was great experience and it was truly the right thing to do and the right place and the right time.

At school today!!!!!!!!!I have been seeing the smiling faces!!!!!!!

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