Monday, February 9, 2009


We have two doctors and 3 nurses plus two dentists here. I am in charge of getting children through the dentist and all the children through a health screening. Today we found a child with a spinal problem and two children with problems with their tongues that they can't stick their tongue out of their mouths - speech problems. A few ear problems, a case of scabies, an arm that has been broken and no one has x-rayed...various infected cuts - and other problems. We say all of the infant - I children - I think that is about 80 kids...but not sure. Seeing more kids tomorrow and then going into San Mateo for the well baby checks - home visits. The doctors are great! I talked with "D"s dad. He is very concerned and we need to work on some things. He thinks the child's mom is telling the child to not do his work and act bad so that he will get kicked out of school. she wants him to go to RC school and live with her as she let's this little boy watch her baby. the child just is tormented. We are going to work on this though. He is my potential drummer - I need to find this mom. I made a Belizean style fajita. I think it was good - it is all gone. Had some friends over and it was a relaxing time. I got to talk to Amanda tonight. that was good. I am making it short tonight as I wrote soooo much last night. Love and miss everyone!


  1. I have replied in a bit, but I wanted to say you need to look at the Ambergise Caye message board. you might do this already but case you don't, I thought I would throw this out there. There was post about a guy wanted to bring either soccer or baseball equipement to belize. Thought this might good for you guys!!

  2. Busy day again! Glad all is well and the doc visits are productive.