Thursday, February 12, 2009

good friends

Ernesto and I hung out with Karisse and Martin tonight. It is so good to be with people who "get" you. When I first met Karisse it was at the Tides. She was sitting at the bar and I was listening to her talk and all I could think of was "Did I have twins that got separated at birth?" She and Amanda are so much alike. She is an awesome person and now she has joined with Martin to make a life together in Belize. They are great together and we laugh and talk and I feel like we could talk about anything - the conversation is perpetual. Martin can tell the funniest stories and we can all see the humor in almost anything. We ate together Tuesday night - Martin cooked fish. We were 6 hours into the night and I had to make myself leave to be able to work the next day. Good friends who can talk about real stuff of life and have your best interest at heart always...I cherish them. It is good to have a girl friend that sees the world like I do...the age difference doesn't even matter.

Karisse, Martin and I have a new friend - well Ernesto's old friend - Robert. He sings - so we listened to his group at Cococuts. Karisse is going to do his CD cover. We have met a new friend through Robert - Sahed. He is from New Jersey - a policeman - He has to leave Saturday to go home - but he just connected with all of us. Ernesto and he are buddies now and I hate to see him go. We have his email though - so now we all have a friend in Jersey! He will be back...

It was hot today. I was drenched before 10 am. More health clinic and dentists...I am still struggling with "D" and "N". One of the volunteers told me that "D" drew here a picture and it was awesome. This child has so much talent. "N" got in trouble in class today and was sent to see me - He is so happy and content to be with me that it dawned on me...I asked him, "Do you just give your teacher a hard time so that you can come to see me?" He said, "Yes". MY, MY, MY - now what? He had no socks today again. Then he started holding his hear and writhing in pain. I was like,,,he is eight years old - what is this? I took him to Dr. Peter and interrupted him with another child. Dr. Peter is so cool - he figured out quick that he had swallowed a piece of candy and it was stuck - cured with a glass of water. I have not had any urge to take care of another child in my home for a long time - but this one is stealing my heart. They were selling valentine cupcakes today. "A" sent me a valentine cupcake...

I had a terrible scare today. I have been asked to counsel a teen from the high school that attempted suicide on Monday night. He keeps not showing up to talk. It was rumored today that he succeeded in killing himself last night. His brother goes to school at HC. I talked to him and found out it was not true, but the attempt was Monday and the 12 year old brother was able to save him. this is all over a girl. The teen was suppose to come today again but did not. This is on my mind.

I ate supper with the volunteer group. I know I have said this already - but these folks are awesome and so committed to the children. I know I have new friends in this group too. Dr. Jim gave me his number to call if I have a child that I can't figure out what may be wrong medically. He told me to say it is Kim from Belize and get him if I call the office. That is the definition of support. They are so much fun. One of the best things here is the meeting of new friends that I will have for life. Great people in a great place...I do miss you all - if I could just have my friends from the states here and teach social work to my students here - life would be perfect. No such thing as perfection though....just a lot of "ifs".

Love and Miss everyone!


  1. awwww
    i'm very happy you and karisse hang out. tell everyone i said hello!! oj and i am coming april 1 thru april 8. is that ok?

  2. I love to read these ! Is Wendy coming this week! I bet she won't want to come back. It sounds like so much work fun! Take care. I am glad you are doing so well. Will you have more doctors coming? Love you!

  3. Aww! We had a great time with you! Looking forward to tomorrow night at Jambel's!

  4. Damn I just noticed Amanda I both started our comments with Awwww. We are twins.

  5. awwwww - unreal! yep amanda - that is great. school gets out for spring break on April 3rd so that will give you 2 days at the school and then we can just hang out. sounds great! I have an eye doctor coming soon and more dentists.

  6. yay!! i'm so excited. can't wait to see you and karisse. let me know if i need to bring anything.

    i'm so happy i'm farting out rainbows.