Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New perspectives

Traveling has always been my greatest past time. I think that I have passed this down to my children as you can see by Amanda's and David's blogs - they are also travelers. I have never understood why some people do not like it. I think it goes back to moving so much as a child and not having roots anywhere. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere or that I really fit in to any community. This is not a bad thing; it just is. Even so, I learned to connect to people and have great friends and have met wonderful people throughout my moves and travels. It is more important to me to connect to people in a real way - to share the important things in life - our thoughts, our dreams, our struggles, our memories, our losses, our loves, and our passions. It is important to listen and be there when needed. It is important to be loving and not a burden to others and to stay as positive about life as I can.

I am just reflective today. I am thinking about my friends and home and my friends here. I am blessed to have great friends who put up with my craziness. Just thinking about how blessed I am. love and miss all my good friends.


  1. Good post. I read the whole thing, ha ha. I do have those same feelings as well. It is always like you are a tourist or that something is missing. A feeling that you are not here for ever, that you just passing through. I think that does stem from being born in one place and raised in another. Some people don't understand that, kind of what I want my whole blog to be about. Travel, new and old people, movement, thoughts and feelings that stem from that. Neither good nor bad, positive or negative, it just is. I also believe this runs over into a lack of commiment and being able to finish things, more discussions for later at a different level.

  2. wow. you guys are about to make me think of something deep to write. Ummm. the moves. It's odd but I can 't remember the places, but I do remember certain people.. they fit in a space of time and created a memory of time period with nothing else around it. Just a person. Nothing else. I miss you Kim.. love you.

  3. I have to travel. I live for it. If I couldn't travel I think I would go crazy. Something about going to a different place and seeing people and their individuality. I love it. I love the character of certain cities, accents, way of life, I could go on and on. I'm very fortunate I've been able to travel as much as I can.

    Miss you mom!! I can't wait to give you a big hug. I also found out Jessica is having a boy. The first great grandchild is going to be a boy.