Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and another thing...

I forgot to say that i had a great day yesterday. I was at Choloes....on my day off...sitting with Johnson and Eric came up and said do you want a Barracuda? Got it all cleaned and cut up and before we could leave the dock to take it home to cook...we sold the roe...for as much as we paid for the fish. I like this business....we fed many people - Johnson cooked again...a Fish Stew and Curry Rice....and we still have a lot of fish left. We also have the head if anyone is interested....People are actually fighting over the head. I like this kind of fishing and am learning about the fish sales business. Johnson introduced us to his daughter and son-in-law. Butch came by to eat and talk...just a good day.


  1. What a nice fish story, Kim. LOL Never eaten a barracuda, or even seen one for that matter. Miss you lots and wish I could come down for a few days. (I think 2 weeks is too long for me, but a long weekend would do it. :) However, after re-roofing our house and NASW next week out of my pocket, I will not have the money to travel for a while. Greetings to Johnson, Butch, Marlin, and Ernesto. Have you been to see my dog lately? I keep meaning to send the pictures, but am just overwhelmed--maybe I can get that done during spring break. Love you!

  2. I miss you so much!! Reading these blogs makes me wanna be there bad. love you. <3