Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feels like Monday

Why are "first days" back after a holiday weekend always crazy? It does not matter where I work or how much rest I get or how I prepare myself...Today is no exception. First thing I worked with a child who is experiencing post traumatic stress from being in a house fire when he was 6 years old. His parents were not home and the children were asleep. The 6 yr. old boy got his younger sister and carried her out and woke his older sister. The older sister has been blamed as a candle caught a curtain on fire. They had no electricity. The parents are fighting, the children are being beat by their father now and the child was so stressed this morning. He is 12 years old now. He is having all the signs of ptsd. The hardest part...who will continue to work with him when I leave?

Then I had a boy with a knife...spent a few hours with the police trying to find his mother....have not found her yet.

Two 10 year olds bullying (this would be girls).

One little girl who is at the top of her class has been missing school. I called the mom to ask where she lives as I am coming out there...she said the child would be at school in 10 minutes...and she was but she was crying. I have no idea...she won't say. Pray for this one!

One little girl whose mom in in the states got stung by the sea grass...I was doctoring her...she said - Ms. Kim are you the new nurse? I said no, I am not a nurse, I have just taken care of a lot a kids and I am a mom. She said you are a good mom. I about cried. She wants her mom to come back so bad and mom keeps saying she will come and then she doesn't.

I did give "D" his converse shoes. He is so very happy!! He took forever to put them on and lace them up. Of course "N" was right there to watch. When he was almost finished he said can I give my boots that are too small to someone? I said well - ask your dad who you should give them to...he said I know another boy who doesn't have any shoes...he will be happy and my dad would not care. He said thanks for my converse shoes....

I am going to give a tour of San Mateo to the group from Duke University. They have worked hard today and have been a great help!

Love an miss you all.


  1. It's hard isn't it--thinking about leaving and knowing there is not someone there doing what you are doing. I felt that way leaving St. Paul last summer. They finally have a social worker starting in April--she contacted me to ask for some information. You have planted the seeds, and nurtured the little ones...you have to trust that God will continue to water them and see them grow.

  2. I miss you Kim. Have fun with Greg and Wednesday. You are awesome.