Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lazy days in the sun

I am officially on Easter break. I have sadly left my faculty report for now so it is cutting into my days in the sun. I guess it is keeping me from becoming totally ruined for work though. It is amazing how quickly I can become so lazy that I do not even want to walk to get food. I love food - especially Belizean food. I was thinking last night if I missed any food in the States. sometimes I get hungry for a reuban sandwich and I might think about the prime rib at Boures - good martini's (is that a food?) and American tacos(which are very different form Belizean tacos) but i can for sure tell you that i am not missing the fast food at all. Of course I do have a food court in the park and with the street vendors but it is fresh food. I have learned to cook Belizean style and wonder if I can cook anything American except grilled cheese and oatmeal.

I have two friends coming to stay with me. Pam is from University of California at Chico and Tonya is from Mississippi. Both are social workers. Pam is a professor and Tonya works for MDHS in child welfare. It will be so good to have them here. I always love seeing a first time visitor in Belize see the ocean here for the first time. It is also fun to watch new folks experience all the cool and different things here. It seems like new visitors can always find something that I didn't know about too. Pam will be diving and I am not sure what Tonya likes but they will both help me at the school.

I need to work on this activity report. argh.

love and miss you all.


  1. If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. :) We need another spring break here! It's that overwhelming time of the semester!

  2. Hey Ms. Shackelford! I got your blogsite from David! I am eager to read about your trip but I just wanted to say that I love that you're doing this work!!!
    - Mallory (Billings) Walz

  3. Hello, Mallory!

    Tonight in grad class, we were discussing the Cradle to Prison Pipeline in Mississippi. After class, a few of use were waiting on someone and were discussing the CtoPP and I shared "The Case of Trent." One of the grad students looked at the other and said, "School social work." That prompted me to discuss what you are doing at Holy Cross, as well as the issues in MS. It seems so obvious to those of us in the field how important this is, but it so seems to elude policy makers at all levels.

    Meanwhile, Tip and Shadow are fine and I told them you still loved them and were coming home. I went out again today--love those boys! Can I just spend the night twice a week? LOL